The Birth Of An Idea

Can we aspire to achieve Moksha without first becoming a perfect human being? In our endeavor to evolve towards perfection, our standards and benchmarks are best guided by Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram – The perfect human being. Ram is the master of our intellect and we have to journey within to invoke the Ram in us, awaken our intellect- to achieve peace, joy, and perfection as human beings. Ram is an ideal, not an idol – he is a symbol of all that we can be!

Our Journey

The House of Ram is a passion project for my Co-founder Gunjan, and a labour of love for me. Gunjan and I were talking one day and sharing our combined frustration at the general state of struggle that humanity was going through in these current times

Our Social Impact

The House of Ram aims at helping women, enabling local artisans to bounce back from the pandemic to support Old Age Homes throughout the country and being environment friendly while achieving all our goals.

Our Vision

Knowledge, virtues, and morals are timeless. It takes a strong belief system, a deeper understanding of the guiding light to introspect and act upon a certain path. We surrendered to Maryada Purushottam Ram through his life lessons. Our vision is to manifest the lessons from Sri Ram’s life stories and experiences and lead us onto a righteous path. For that, it requires us to undertake a journey within.

Our Mission

We seek to familiarize the Society with the principles of the guiding light of our lives, Shri Ram, through qualities like Compassion, Intellect, Leadership, Unity, Loyalty and Dedication, through our social initiatives of providing livelihoods to the undervalued sections of the society and supporting the old age homes. Shri Ram for us, is the ideal we all aspire to achieve.

Our Stories

"The purpose behind our paths crossing is divine providence or Niyati"

All humanity is joined by a common conscience, morality and psyche which has remained unchanged. It shall happen for a purpose even if the purpose is unclear to us mortals. Thus crossed the paths of Bhakts and Shri Ram.

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Social Impact

"We have pledged to support Old Age Homes throughout the country, starting from Vridha Mahila Ashram in Ayodhya"

The House Of Ram aims at supporting and encouraging our community to move towards a better tomorrow. Women Empowerment, Supporting Local Artisans, Old Age Homes, and creating awareness towards a sustainable neighborhood.

These are a few initiatives we have taken under the project "The House of Ram" and we aspire to widen the horizons and help in the betterment of our surroundings.

To be a part of our program, you can email us at

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