Our Social Impact

 Women Empowerment - The House of Ram aims at helping women, who had to become the sole breadwinners of the family as a result of the pandemic, in order to gain financial stability and be financially independent. We have aimed at Skill Upgradation of women, by involving them in delicate hand rolling of each piece of agarbatti, making of our candles and carving of each tulsi bead.

 Supporting local artisans - The House of Ram aims at enabling local artisans to bounce back from the pandemic and stand up on their feet. Artisans like kumhars, darzis, printers, jewelry makers are given opportunities in the production process. Pirohi work for Semi-Precious jewelry has also been done by local artisans.

 Supporting Old Age Homes - We have pledged to support Old Age Homes throughout the country, starting from VridhaMahila Ashram in Ayodhya.

 Environment Friendly - We at The House of Ram have taken this initiative by following an organic manufacturing process for all our products. We follow the 3Rs- Reuse, Recycle, Reduce; Reusing the blessed Rice and Haldi, cotton pouches can be reused for storage purposes; Recycling blessed temple flowers from Ayodhya to make incense sticks; thus reducing carbon footprints.