Incense Sticks

The House of Ram's exquisite collection of incense sticks elevates your space with our premium and blessed offerings. Our collection features four blissful fragrances: Ram Chandra, Sita Janki, Laxman, and Anjaneya.


These incense sticks are made from 100% natural wood powder and infused with natural oil fragrances. With a burn time of 40-45 minutes and an even burn, you can enjoy a long lasting sensory journey.


Ram Chandra envelops you with the essence of sandalwood, adding a touch of spirituality and wellness. Sita Janki captures the essence of Lavender and green petals, refreshing your mind and soul with its soothing aroma. Laxman entices with fresh floral and aqua notes, invoking tranquillity and serenity. Anjaneya embraces the senses with sandalwood and oud, creating a refreshing and revitalising atmosphere.