We endeavour to familiarise society with the guiding principles of Shri Ram. These principles encompassing compassion, intellect, leadership, unity, loyalty, and dedication have a profound place in our daily lives. Through our social initiatives, such as empowering marginalised communities with livelihood opportunities and offering support to old age homes, we promote and practise these virtues. Shri Ram serves as our ultimate ideal, inspiring us to strive for personal growth and embody these exceptional qualities.


The power of knowledge, virtues, and morals transcends time. Following a particular path needs a strong belief system and a profound comprehension of the guiding light. By immersing ourselves in the life lessons of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, we have willingly surrendered to his wisdom. Our vision is to actualize the profound teachings and experiences from Shri Ram's life, allowing them to illuminate our way and guide us towards righteousness. To embark on this transformative journey, we must embark on an introspective exploration within ourselves.


How can we become a perfect human being? In our quest for self-improvement, the teachings of Shri Ram, considered the epitome of a perfect human being, serve as valuable guidance. Ram is the embodiment of wisdom, and we must delve deep within ourselves to awaken our intellect and strive for inner peace, joy, and personal growth. Ram represents an ideal, not merely an idol, symbolising the boundless potential within each of us.
  • Women Empowerment - The House of Ram is dedicated to empowering women. Our focus lies in providing financial stability through skill upgradation programs. We involve women in delicate hand rolling of agarbattis and dhoop sticks, as well as flag stitching, offering them opportunities for skill development. Many of the women working on the House of Ram products are the sole breadwinners in their families, impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Supporting Local Artisans - The House of Ram is committed to helping local artisans recover from the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that are still being felt, and regain their livelihoods and independence. Artisans such as kumhars, darzis, printers, and jewellery makers are actively engaged in our production processes. We also collaborate with local artisans for pirohi work in creating semi-precious jewellery.

  • Supporting Old Age Homes - As part of our pledge, we extend support to Old Age Homes across the nation, starting with the Vriddha Mahila Ashram in Ayodhya. We believe in the importance of caring for the elderly and creating a nurturing environment for them.

  • Promoting Sustainability - At The House of Ram, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. To that end, we adopt an organic manufacturing process for all our products. Our approach follows the principles of the 3Rs—Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce. We reuse blessed rice and haldi, utilise cotton pouches for storage purposes, and recycle temple flowers from Ayodhya to create premium aroma candles. By doing so we contribute to a cleaner environment.