Dharmik Divya Gift Box

Elevate your celebrations with our exclusive Diwali Extravaganza. This luxurious gift box presents all four divine Premium Incense Stick Boxes—Ram Chandra, Laxman, Sita Janki, and Anjaneya. Each stick is a crafted masterpiece, blessed at Ayodhya's Hanuman Garhi Temple, infusing your Diwali with sacred fragrances.

Also having our four 60-gram Scented Candles, perfectly complementing the incense sticks. The box also features pure brass Padukaa, Roli, Chawal, and a Fusion Mala.

This Diwali Gift Box isn't just a gift; it's an expression of love and spirituality.

Rs. 3,999.00
Rs. 4,999.00
Rs. 3,999.00
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Illuminate your Diwali celebrations with unparalleled elegance and spirituality. This opulent gift box features all four divine Premium Incense Stick Boxes from The House of Ram—Ram Chandra, Laxman, Sita Janki, and Anjaneya. Each incense stick, meticulously crafted and blessed at the Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya, promises to elevate the essence of your Diwali ceremony.


Immerse yourself in the aromatic symphony with four 60-gram Scented Candles, harmonizing perfectly with the incense sticks. The box also includes a pair of pure brass Padukaa, Roli, and Chawal, along with a fusion Mala—a unique blend of tradition and modernity. All these divine offerings come together in a luxurious package, creating an unmatched Diwali experience at an unimaginable price.

The Dharmik Divya Gift Box is more than a present; it's an embodiment of love and spiritual richness. Whether you're looking to create a magical ambiance for your own celebrations or seeking the perfect gift for your loved ones.

What Sets Us Apart

Providing more than just employment

More than just employment, skill development has been promoted for women and local artisans in the process of production of all our products.

Blessings of Shri Ram

All our products, or elements thereof, have been blessed at the Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya, to bring blessings of Shri Ram to you.

Supporting Old Age Homes

To express our gratitude and respect to the elders of the society, part of our profits have been pledged to support Old age homes across the country, starting with Vriddha Mahila Ashram in Ayodhya.

All our Profits go towards supporting Vriddha Mahila Ashram

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