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Benefits of wearing a Tulsi Jaap Mala

05 Apr 2024
Benefits of wearing a Tulsi Jaap Mala
Tulsi, revered as a sacred plant in Indian households, holds profound significance. Regarded as a goddess in Hinduism, Tulsi Maa is worshipped by women in Indian homes every morning. It is believed that Tulsi not only spreads positivity and bestows luck upon the household but also brings divinity into the surroundings. Moreover, Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties, making it a valuable addition to traditional remedies. Check our Pure Tulsi Jaap Mala which is blessed at Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya

In addition to its spiritual and medicinal attributes, Tulsi is also utilized to create malas. These prayer beads, known as 'malas,' are worn around the neck and are used for chanting mantras. If you're unfamiliar with the benefits and uses of Tulsi mala, continue reading this blog to discover its significance and potential blessings.

What is Tulsi Jaap Mala?

Tulsi mala is a string of beads crafted from the wood of the Tulsi plant. It is worn by followers and devotees of Hindu culture. Buddhists favor black Tulsi mala for chanting purposes and attracting good fortune.

Devotees of Krishna and Vishnu also wear black Tulsi mala for chanting mantras and meditation. These beads not only possess healing properties but also aid in calming the mind and soul while purifying them.

Top Benefits of Wearing Tulsi Jaap Mala

Here are the top 15 benefits of wearing a Tulsi Mala:

Blessings of Lord Vishnu: Wearing a Tulsi Mala attracts blessings from Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, as mentioned in the Garuda Purana.

Protection: The wearer is shielded against nightmares, terror, accidents, and negative forces, with even Yamaraja, the Lord of Death, maintaining a safe distance.

Purification: Tulsi beads cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, emitting positive vibrations and dispelling negativity.

Concentration and Health: Wearing a Tulsi Mala enhances concentration and aids in overcoming health issues, benefiting the skin.

Sin Cleansing: According to the Skanda Purana, wearing Tulsi beads purifies the wearer of their gravest sins.

Spiritual Significance: It is considered auspicious to wear a Tulsi Mala while worshipping Lord Vishnu, Krishna, and Balram.

Calmness and Protection: The Mala fosters calmness, health, spiritual purity, and protection against malevolent spirits.

Throat Health: Ayurveda suggests that wearing a Tulsi Mala can prevent throat ailments.

Kidney Health: Wearing an authentic Tulsi Mala may help prevent kidney problems.

Detoxification: The Mala aids in detoxifying the body, reducing blood cholesterol and pressure.

Mind-Body Synchronization: Pressure from the Mala on crucial acupressure points alleviates mental stress and promotes balance between the mind and body.

Improved Blood Circulation: Wearing a Tulsi Mala boosts blood circulation and enhances the flow of electric energy throughout the body.

Light and Portable: Tulsi Mala beads are small and lightweight, ensuring ease of use and portability.

Peace of Mind: Wearing a Tulsi Mala brings peace of mind, particularly beneficial for those with wandering thoughts or difficulty concentrating.

Control and Calmness: The Mala helps regulate and pacify the influence of Jupiter and Mercury, magnifying their positive effects.

How to know if a Tulsi Jaap Mala is Original

Determining the authenticity of a Tulsi Mala is straightforward. Simply immerse the mala in water for half an hour. If the beads do not release any color, it indicates their originality.

Tulsi Jaap Mala by The House of Ram

The Tulsi Jaap Mala by the House of Ram is made with 100% pure and original Tulsi beads, ensuring authenticity and spiritual significance. Each mala bead is blessed at the revered Hanuman Garhi Temple, infusing it with divine blessings and sanctity. With every bead resonating with purity and devotion, the Tulsi Jaap Mala serves as a sacred tool for spiritual practice, meditation, and mantra chanting, empowering individuals on their journey towards inner peace and enlightenment.


In conclusion, wearing a genuine Tulsi mala provides manifold benefits. It fosters inner tranquility, mental harmony, and shields against negative influences. The serene fragrance of Tulsi beads exerts a calming influence. Nonetheless, it's important to handle the mala with reverence and adhere to traditional practices to fully harness its spiritual advantages
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