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10 interesting facts about Shri Ram

03 May 2024
10 interesting facts about Shri Ram


Hindus around the globe are getting ready to joyfully celebrate the birth of Lord Ram as Shri Ram Navami 2024 draws near. This significant event holds great value in Hindu tradition, symbolizing fairness, strength, and the victory of good over evil. Here are 10 fascinating facts about the revered deity to enhance your understanding and appreciation Shri Ram on this auspicious day.

Birth and Divine Legacy:

Shri Ram, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, is embodied on Earth in the Treta Yuga. Brought into the world by Lord Dasharatha of Ayodhya and Queen Kaushalya, his heavenly family line follows back to the sun-based tradition (Suryavansha) of antiquated Indian rulers.

The epitome of Temperance:

Shri Ram is viewed as the exemplification of exemplary nature (dharma). His persevering obligation to maintain virtues and satisfy his obligations as a child, sibling, spouse, and ruler is an enduring motivation to millions.

Conquest of Lanka

One of the most celebrated episodes in the Hindu epic Ramayana is Shri Ram's epic battle against the demon king Ravana. With the help of his dedicated partners, including Hanuman and the Vanara armed force, Lord Ram vanquished Ravana and saved his beloved wife, Sita, from imprisonment in Lanka. Check out sacred Incense Sticks range named after the revered characters of Ramayana.

14 Year Exile:

Shri Ram undertook a 14-year exile in the forest, accompanied by his loyal wife Sita and devoted brother Lakshmana, because of a twist of fate and his father's commitment to his stepmother Kaikeyi. This period of exile, despite its difficulties, is esteemed for the valuable teachings it offers on resilience, sacrifice, and devotion.

Bowing to Sage Valmiki:

While in their exile, Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshmana met the sage Valmiki, famous for writing the epic Ramayana. This encounter with Valmiki reflects the profound impact that Lord Ram's life had on society, inspiring timeless literary and spiritual works.

Construction of Ram Setu:

In the Ramayana, an army led by Shri Ram builds a bridge, famously called the Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge, to reach Lanka. This impressive achievement is thought to hold historical and geographical importance, linking India and Sri Lanka.

Divine Bow and Swayamvara

The skilled use of Lord Shiva's divine bow, the Pinaka, by Lord Ram resulted in him winning Sita's hand in marriage at her swayamvara. Breaking the bow at the Swayam Vara, where a princess chooses her husband, was deemed impossible by many kings and princes.

Respect for moral duty and connections

Shri Ram's dedication to justice is clear in his various roles as a son, husband, and ruler. His outstanding integrity is shown by his steadfast devotion to his wife Sita, his reverence for his parents' desires, and his just rule as the perfect king of Ayodhya.

The influence on Culture and Society
Lord ram’s tradition transcends strict boundaries, influencing art, literature, music, and philosophy across diverse cultures and generations. His teachings on morality, justice, and compassion continue to resonate with people worldwide.

Reign of Shri Rama:

The kingdom of Ayodhya was under the rule of Lord Rama for a duration of eleven thousand years. This prosperous era is famously referred to as "Rama Rajya".

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