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Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?

05 Apr 2024
Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?
Ram Navami is celebrated to commemorate the timeless tale of Lord Rama, Sita, and their companions, which serves as an exemplary depiction of individual duties, rights, and social responsibilities. It signifies the triumph of righteousness over evil and also marks the birth of Shri Ram

According to Hindu tradition, Lord Rama was born at noon on the ninth day of the Chaitra month, which coincides with the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri. This auspicious occasion signifies the conclusion of the nine-day spring festival of Chaitra Navratri and is celebrated as Ram Navami or Rama Navratri, symbolizing the culmination of devotion and fasting.

Ram Navami is a time of devout reflection and joyous celebration. Many observe fasts during the daylight hours, dedicating their time to chanting bhajans, reciting Rama katha, and delving into the stories of Lord Rama's life as depicted in the Ramayana. Homes are adorned with intricate decorations, and deity idols are adorned with vibrant flowers, clothes, and jewels.

Devotees often partake in rituals such as washing and clothing miniature statues of infant Rama, placing them gently in cradles as a symbol of reverence. Spiritual gatherings are held within homes, where prayers are offered, followed by the preparation and sharing of Kheer, a traditional milky rice pudding, as prasad. In many Vaishnava Hindu communities, temples are visited, illuminated, and decorated for the occasion.

In Bengaluru, a month-long classical music festival marks the auspicious occasion, showcasing musicians from both Carnatic and Hindustani traditions. Charitable events and community meals are organized by temples and Vaishnava organizations, fostering a sense of community and service. In Ayodhya, devotees take holy dips in the sacred river Sarayu before visiting the revered Rama temple.

Ram Navami festivities commence with a ceremonial bath in sacred rivers and the offering of Jal (water) to Surya, the Sun God, at dawn, seeking divine blessings. Surya, believed to be the ancestor of Lord Rama, is honored during this ritual. May this Ram Navami illuminate your path with true devotion and spirituality.
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