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Scented Candle Care Tips

08 Jan 2024
Scented Candle Care Tips

In our guide on "Best Scented Candle Care Tips," we unveil the secrets to make your aromatic experience truly exceptional. Delve into the nuances of candle care, ensuring that each moment with your scented candles is a sensory delight. As we explore the art of preserving and enhancing the fragrance, discover the unparalleled elegance of The House of Ram Scented Candle Collection—a curated selection that epitomizes the perfect harmony of fragrance and ambiance.

How to properly burn your candle

  1. Burn your candle in a well-ventilated room, steering clear of drafts or fans. These elements may lead to sooting, evident by black marks on the vessel, and result in rapid, uneven burning.
  1. Ensure regular-sized candles are burned for a duration of one and a half to two hours at a time. Burning for shorter periods may cause the candle to 'tunnel,' creating a wax build-up around the sides of the vessel. Conversely, burning for extended periods (beyond four hours) can cause the wick to move or slant.
  1. Stop your candle from burning when approximately 10mm of wax remains at the bottom. Be vigilant, especially when the wax is low, to prevent any unwanted incidents during the burning process.


How to Take Care of Your Candle's Wick 

  1. To keep your candle burning its best, make sure to clear away any wick trimmings or matches from the wax pool. These bits can act like extra wicks, making your candle burn faster.
  1. After you put out the flame using a snuffer, make sure to center and straighten the wick. If the candle has been burning for too long, the wick might move or slant. If you notice the flame getting too close to the vessel wall, put it out and straighten the wick to stop the vessel from cracking.
  1. Remember, long or crooked wicks can lead to high flames, smoking, or sooting. The simplest way to avoid this is by trimming the wick to 5mm after the wax has set. Taking care of your wick ensures a cleaner and safer burning experience for your candle.

How to Keep Your Candle in Top Shape

  1. When you're not using your candle, find a cool, dry spot for it, and don't forget to cover it with a classy candle lid. This will keep the quality wax safe from dust, which can mess with the scent and cause issues when you light it up.
  1. If you see condensation on the candle's surface, it's a sign that it hasn't been stored right or has been sitting around for too long. Just grab a paper towel and wipe it away before you light the candle.
  1. Remember, keeping candles stashed away for too long can mess with the scent. So, enjoy your candle within a reasonable time to get the most out of its lovely fragrance.

The House of Ram's Premium Scented Candle Collection which comes in 4 distinct fragrances is meticulously crafted from natural soy wax, each candle becomes a vessel of tranquility, weaving an enchanting tapestry of aromas. Encased in exquisite glass jars, these candles not only promise an approximate burn time of 40 hours but also adorn your space with a touch of luxurious elegance. Do keep in mind above care tips for the best outcome from our candles

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