our journey

The House of Ram is a passion project for my Co-founder Gunjan, and a labour of love for me.

Gunjan and I were talking one day and sharing our combined frustration at the general state of struggle that humanity was going through in these current times. We were feeling helpless at the sheer number of people who had lost their jobs, their livelihoods during the Pandemic. We seriously wanted to do something to help, but other than to give money to NGOs we could not find an alternative. We did not know where to begin. But one thing which we were certain about was that we did not want to give people short-term relief but we wanted to build something that will be long-lasting. In addition to this, we also wanted to help people who were struggling with loss, grief, or battling anxiety in these unprecedented times.

Then, the idea of the House of Ram was born.

Our endeavour with The House of Ram was to generate employment for people who suffered the most during the pandemic which included the women who had to step out of their homes to become the breadwinners for their families and also to enable the local artisans like kumhars, darzis, printers, jewelry makers to get back on their feet. So, in line with this thought process, we started this venture with specially curated products like Agarbatti and Dhoop sticks which involve a lot of labor work of hand rolling each piece which is done by women, each Agarbatti and Dhoop Stick is made with waste temple flower and the stand for the same is also made by a local Kumhar.

We reached out to MasterG & Daughters (masterg.in), an all women design and skill development ecosystem, to recommend students or alumni who would be able to take our order of making our flags. They recommended some talented students to whom we placed the orders directly and are proud to say that our flags were made by women from marginalised communities. For semi-precious stone jewelry, we have taken the help of local artisans for pirohi work and for our Resin pendants, we have partnered with small-scale enterprises that employ women to provide them with financial stability.

It is our belief that the elders of any society have a right to respect and dignity, and as we believe that every act of kindness must be passed on – we express our gratitude towards all the people who support this endeavor and announce our pledge to support our old age homes across the country. Our first such endeavour has begun at VridhMahila ashram in Ayodhya.

Needless to mention we have taken great care in ensuring our products or various elements involved in the same, come with the blessings of the Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya. It is an honest attempt to bring to you not just a product but blessings of Shri Ram along with it.

So, considering all the social issues which we wanted to tackle, we came up with one solution..

"The House of Ram"


Siddharth Jain


Our Team

  • Gunjan Paharia

    Gunjan Paharia

    Ms. Gunjan Paharia is a practicing intellectual property lawyer, a patent agent and the Founder and Managing Partner of ZeusIP Advocates LLP.

    After giving more than 2 decades to the field of law, she has pledged to give back to the society.

    She is a true and ardent believer in the ideologies of Shri Ram and with an attempt to bring positivity in the society she has founded "The House of Ram".

  • Siddharth Jain

    Siddharth Jain

    Mr. Siddharth Jain is a Marketing Professional with 2 decades of corporate experience.

    In 2021, He pledged his support to Gunjan, who started The House of Ram and as their first attempt to give back to the society,

    The House of Ram took a pledge to support Vridha Mahila Ashram in Ayodhya.

  • Satyarth Prakash Shukla

    Satyarth Prakash Shukla

    Satyarth Prakash Shukla with an overall work experience of 7 years and who once presented state cricket from Uttar Pradesh
    has joined The House of Ram with a belief and vision to build a support system for the ones who need us the most. Like us all, he wants to give back to society with his efforts.